Friends of Crichton Church

Crichton Collegiate Church Trust is a charity. All money needed for the day to day upkeep of this historic building is raised by the Friends of Crichton.

There are Friends scattered around the world, but of course the majority live in the Lothians. Each Friend pays an annual subscription (unless they are a Life Member, see details below) and receives an annual newsletter which gives updates on the restoration work and details of the past year’s activities. They also receive a list of the events for the incoming year.

Every year there is a Christmas Fair and a summer reception organised by the Friend’s Committee to which you are welcome to invite your own friends and colleagues. There are a wide variety of events held in the Church each year, which range from a Christmas carol service to concerts performed by both amateur and professional groups. We have even held the premier of a play before it went on to be performed in London!

If you would like to join the Friends of Crichton please download the membership form from this page, complete and return to us by post.  Alternatively you can donate using PayPal using the link at the foot of this page.

Membership Costs

Individual “Friend” – £10

Family – £15

Corporate – £30

Life membership – £150

We are of course delighted to receive more than the subscription amount.  If you are prepared to make payment from taxed income the Trust can then reclaim the tax you have paid on the relevant sum.  Please download the Gift Aid Declaration from this page, complete and return to us by post.

About the Trust

Crichton Collegiate Church Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee.  Registered in Scotland No. 152207.  Registered Office: Crichton Church, Crichton, Midlothian, EH37 5XA.  Tel: 01875 320 364

Downloadable Forms

Friends of Crichton membership form

CCC Trust Gift Aid Declaration